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Bernadette Wegenstein, an Austrian linguist and filmmaker, received her Ph.D. in Romance Languages and Literatures from Vienna University. She is currently a Research Professor in the department of German and Romance Languages and Literatures at the Johns Hopkins University, where she also directs the Center of Advanced Media Studies. She is the author of Getting Under the Skin: Body and Media Theory (2006), The Cosmetic Gaze: Body Modification and the Construction of Beauty (forthcoming 2012), the edited volume Reality Made Over: The Culture of Reality Television Makeover Shows (2008), and of numerous articles on body criticism, performance art, and film theory. She produced and directed the documentaries Made Over in America (2007) about the culture of reality television makeover shows, and See You Soon Again (2011) portraying Viennese Holocaust survivor Leo Bretholz, and his efforts to educate Baltimore youth on the Holocaust (in collaboration with Austrian director Lukas Stepanik). She is currently in pre-production with a documentary on breast cancer and beauty culture.

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