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  • Jocelyn E Mackie et al - Lessons on Ethical Decision Making from the Bioscience Industry
    ...ncourage the use of high ethical standards in areas of genetic information privacy (as done by Affymetrix), animal testing (Pipeline Biotech), and human right ... is in partial fulfillment of JEM's MSc degree at the Department of Health Policy Management and Evaluation at the University of Toronto. We gratefully ackno
    28 KB (4,193 words) - 09:54, 29 June 2011
  • Surveillance/Introduction
    ...n massive databases. While science has entered the era of big data, public policy researchers are also now realizing the power of massive data collections. D ...e technologies or policies being developed. While a few mention in passing privacy concerns, many do not, and fewer still (even in the legal section) recogniz
    43 KB (6,973 words) - 19:55, 25 October 2011
  • Life in Code and Software/Introduction
    ...k behaviour, and collect data and information about users raises important privacy implications, but it also facilitates the rise of so-called behaviour marke ...(2) Analysis/Research Services, (3) Management Platforms, (4) Verification/Privacy Services:<br><br> &nbsp;
    69 KB (10,417 words) - 16:17, 23 September 2012

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