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== Books in progress  ==
== Books in progress  ==
[[The Life of Air]]<br> [[Another Technoscience is Possible]]<br> [[Astrobiology]]<br> [[Bioethics]]<br> [[Biosemiotics]]<br> [[Cognition and decision]]<br> [[Consciousness]]<br> [[Cosmetic surgery]]<br> [[Medianatures]]<br> [[Energy Connections]]<br> [[Creative Evolution]]<br> [[Extinction]]<br> [[Human genomics]]<br> [[Neuroengineering]]<br> [[Nerves of Perception]]<br> [[Digitize Me, Visualize Me, Search Me]]<br> [[Partial life]]<br> [[Pharmacology]]<br> [[Ubiquitous Surveillance]]<br>[[Symbiosis]]<br> [[The in/visible]]<br> [[Veterinary science]]<br>
[[The Life of Air]]<br>[[Animal Experience]]<br> [[Another Technoscience is Possible]]<br> [[Astrobiology]]<br> [[Bioethics™]]<br> [[Biosemiotics]]<br> [[Cognition and Decision]]<br> [[The Mediations of Consciousness]]<br> [[Cosmetic Surgery]]<br> [[Medianatures]]<br> [[Energy Connections]]<br> [[Creative Evolution]]<br> [[Extinction]]<br> [[Human Genomics]]<br> [[Life in Code and Software]]<br> [[Neurofutures]]<br> [[Nerves of Perception]]<br> [[Digitize Me, Visualize Me, Search Me]]<br> [[Partial Life]]<br> [[Pharmacology]]<br> [[Ubiquitous Surveillance]]<br>[[Symbiosis]]<br> [[The in/visible]]<br> [[The Unborn Human]]<br> [[Veterinary science]]<br>

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Books in progress

The Life of Air
Animal Experience
Another Technoscience is Possible
Cognition and Decision
The Mediations of Consciousness
Cosmetic Surgery
Energy Connections
Creative Evolution
Human Genomics
Life in Code and Software
Nerves of Perception
Digitize Me, Visualize Me, Search Me
Partial Life
Ubiquitous Surveillance
The in/visible
The Unborn Human
Veterinary science

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