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This wiki is for testing purposes only. If you edit pages those edits will be lost when the site moves to it's permanent home.


Things To Test

Create and edit books. This is the main activity so we need to make sure it's working well. Bang on it! Report bugs, crashes etc. here.

A Test Book

We need a test book to work with so here's one to start:

Species Do Not Exist

Make some more and link them from here.

Things To Do

Customize Navigation and Options

I think this thing should be much simpler than Wikipedia so I am going to start by hiding most of the functionality. Make a note if something seems weird or you can't find something you need. There are some functions that are only availble to you when your logged in as admin.

Customize look

This is in progress but there is still lots of tweaking that needs to happen, especially on administrative pages. I'll keep tweaking as we go, but make a note here if you find something that looks off.

Customize editing experience

How about customizing the FCKeditor, for instance can we:

Make it load by default? Works for me, let me know if it doesn't work for you.
Simplify the toolbar?
Make custom formats?
Use only preset formats?


If you notice anything that looks like it 'works' but you don't like the way it works, make a not of it here.

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