The Mediations of Consciousness

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ISBN: 978-1-60785-259-9

edited by Alberto López Cuenca


Introduction: From the Brain to General Intellect: Commentary on the Mediations of Consciousness

There is an overwhelming amount of literature about the nature of consciousness and its riddles. Yet one must necessarily work through this literature if one is interested in the philosophical and scientific details of the related debates. However, this means that this short book can be neither an exhaustive introduction nor a developed stance on the issue of consciousness – the problem of the mind-body relationship, the reduction of mental states to brain states, or the attribution of consciousness to single individuals. Something of that kind can be found elsewhere.1 As far as these issues are concerned, this Living Book is more of a call to pay attention to the current ways in which some of the scientific discussions about consciousness are framed. (more...)

The Riddle of Consciousness

Max Velmans 
How to Define Consciousness -- And How Not to Define Consciousness
Richard Robinson 
Exploring the 'Global Workspace' of Consciousness
Erik Sorem 
Searle, Materialism, and the Mind-Body Problem

Representing Consciousness

Amr A Guenedi, Ala'Alddin Al Hussaini, Yousif A Obeid, Samir Hussain, Faisal Al-Azri and Samir Al-Adawi 
Investigation of the Cerebral Blood Flow of an Omani Man with Supposed ‘Spirit Possession’ Associated with an Altered Mental State: A Case Report
Arvid Lundervold 
On Consciousness, Resting State fMRI, and Neurodynamics
Cornelis J. Stam & Jaap C. Reijneveld 
Graph Theoretical Analysis of Complex Networks in the Brain

Extended Consciousness

Xialei Zhang 
The Emergence of Consciousness in the Quantum Universe
Mondendra Grover 
The Quantum Computing Conscious Universe and the Extended Deep Ecology Hypothesis: Implications for Medicine, Agriculture and Technology
Axel A. Randrup 
Animal Mind as Approached by the Transpersonal: Notion of Collective Conscious Experience

Appendix: Varieties of Conscious Experience

David W. Hill 
Reflections on Leaving Facebook


A 'Frozen' PDF Version of this Living Book

Download a 'frozen' PDF version of this book as it appeared on 7th October 2011
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