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I thank the editors, especially Joanna, for inviting me to take part in this wonderful project and for not pulling the plug when the energy level of my batteries was low. For allowing me to recharge them in their sun-flooded patio in early August 2012, I am grateful to fellow posthumanists Anneke and Rosi. 

Thank you, Zane, Sher, Tony, Bill and Christian for agreeing to have your names and links to your work and online writing appear in this book. 

The book is dedicated to experimental poet Anne Blonstein (1958-2011). Permission to include her poem "Energy" (from to be continued, 2011) is given by Shearsman Books ( and Charles Lock, agent of the Anne Blonstein Estate. © Shearsman Books. Courtesy Tony Frazer.

Cover image: Installation "E-Static Shadows" by Zane Berzina and Jackson Tan, photo by David Rankalawon.
Licence: © Zane Berzina; courtesy Zane Berzina.

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