ISBN Numbers

As ISBN numbers are used to identify a particular, unique title and edition, the following are the ISBN numbers for the 'frozen' pdf versions of the titles in the Living Books About Life series:

978-1-60785-253-7 Another Technoscience is Possible: Agricultural Lessons for the Posthumanities

978-1-60785-254-4 The Life of Air: Dwelling, Communicating, Manipulating

978-1-60785-255-1 Astrobiology and the Search for Life on Mars

978-1-60785-256-8 Bioethics™: Life, Politics, Economics

978-1-60785-257-5 Biosemiotics

978-1-60785-258-2 Cognition and Decision

978-1-60785-259-9 The Mediations of Consciousness

978-1-60785-260-5 Cosmetic Surgery: Medicine, Culture, Beauty

978-1-60785-261-2 Medianatures: The Materiality of Information Technology and Electronic Waste

978-1-60785-282-7 Extinction

978-1-60785-262-9 Energy Connections: Living Forces in Creative Inter/Intra-Action

978-1-60785-263-6 Creative Evolution: Natural Selection and the Urge to Remix

978-1-60785-264-3 Human Genomics: From Hypothetical Genes to Biodigital Materialisations

978-1-60785-283-4 Life in Code and Software: Mediated Life in a Complex Computational Ecology

978-1-60785-265-0 The In/Visible

978-1-60785-266-7 Nerves of Perception: Motor and Sensory Experience in Neuroscience

978-1-60785-267-4 Digitize Me, Visualize Me, Search Me: Open Science and its Discontents

978-1-60785-268-1 Neurofutures

978-1-60785-269-8 Partial Life

978-1-60785-270-4 Pharmacology

978-1-60785-271-1 Symbiosis

978-1-60785-272-8 Ubiquitous Surveillance

978-1-60785-273-5 Veterinary Science: Animals, Humans and Health