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Timothy W. Lenoir is Professor and primary Kimberly Jenkins Chair for New Technologies and Society at Duke University. In addition to publishing several books and articles on the history of biomedical science from the nineteenth century to the present, he has also been involved in digital archiving and web-based collaborations, including projects with Stanford University, MIT, and the NSF-sponsored Center for Nanotechnology in Society at UC Santa Barbara. His current research centers on the use of text-mining and visualization tools for mapping recent trends in bio-and nanotechnology relevant for policy research, the use of computers and digital imaging in biomedical research, and the history of interactive simulations and video games. Lenoir also teaches courses on interactive simulation and video games. As recipient of the MacArthur Foundation Digital Millennium Award, Lenoir recently completed work on Virtual Peace, a multi-player first person simulation environment for students and humanitarian groups and workers in the field of peace and conflict resolution. He is currently working on Emergence, a new transmedia multiplayer game in the newly emerging field of alternate reality games (ARGs) foregrounding diplomacy and cooperation instead of violence and competition set in a post-apocalyptic future and designed as an interactive ecology in which players help themselves by helping others.